How to Participate

Three Easy Steps to Get Started


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    Contact your county Intellectual Disability office or Supports Coordinator

    Contact your county Intellectual Disability office for an intake and assessment of need. After the intake a Supports Coordination agency will be offered and Supports Coordinator assigned. If your plan involves a day service there are certain types of funding, such as state/county and federal waivers, which may cover the cost of day program services, transportation, and behavior supports.

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    Private Pay

    Individuals can pay privately and receive the same services as individuals who have state or federal funding. An invoice is provided to the individual, family and/or designated person for payment. Costs are the same rates as set forth by the Office of Developmental Programs. Individuals interested in this option can contact PathWays directly to arrange a meeting.

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    School System - for transitioning students

    Students aged 14-21 years old, may transition from a school setting into the day program. Family and/or school personnel can contact PathWays directly for meetings, visiting the school and participating in IEP meetings. The school district is responsible for payment to PathWays during the transition period and is also responsible for transportation to and from the program. PathWays, the individual, the family and the school district work closely together to coordinate services until graduation. Options for attendance are full time, part-time, and/ or for Extended School Year. As graduation nears, a Supports Coordinator from the county of origin and representatives from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation are also part of the team. Intake paperwork is completed by the individual/family and PathWays.

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