We Are

Here to Help.

We work hand-in-hand with Supports Coordinators and the individual's team to develop an Individual Support Program to meet the needs of each individual and their families. For transition students, we assist with setting outcomes, services, billing codes and rates.

We can provide a meaningful program that will make an impact on an individual's life.

When an individual you serve enjoys their life and their family is excited about their growth, your time is focused on what's possible and what led you to being a Supports Coordinator.

Contact us to become a valued team member for an individual who would benefit from our program.

  • Adult Training Facility (age 18 and above)
    • Individualized program within the facility and in the community
    • Volunteer opportunities
  • Transitional School Age Program (age 14-21)
  • Work of Heart Program (focused on developing experience in the community and employable skills)
  • Older Adult Daily Living Program (age 60 and above)


How do I get information about services?

Anyone can contact us for information or a tour. 

How will Supports Coordinators know what needs to be in the Individual Support Plan so that my child can attend or start services?

The services will be determined at the team meeting and added to the plan.

Ready to Start a Conversation?

We'd love to chat with you and see if the Adult Training Facility is a good fit
for you and your loved ones.