Work of Heart

Building Employable Skills


In May 2014, Work of Heart was introduced as a new, specialized component to the Adult Training Facility in Washington with a central focus on job skill development. Work of Heart guides individuals who aspire to work or seek volunteer opportunities, with the goal of realizing their full potential.

Our program embodies a strong volunteer element, offering community-based, individualized training and opportunities for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. We help them find their niche in the workplace, both through discovering what they enjoy as well as understanding their skill level. A focus is placed on developing skills which integrate the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical components necessary for employment.

Individuals work on employable skills that include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Following directives
  • Task completion
  • Money skills
  • Office-related skills

Step Up-Step Down

A Step Up-Step Down aspect of the program involves individuals who are not ready for the workplace, but want to gain skills that will offer the opportunity for future community involvement. The individuals in this program will continue to participate in volunteer opportunities, but in a more structured environment with staff support.

With staff support and individualized training, the program continues to grow and develop along with the likes, interests, and desires of the individuals who take part in the program. The potential for individuals in the program are limitless; with increased choices and opportunities, they have a greater chance at long-term success and are equipped with well-rounded skills that carry through to employment.

Vocational Training Opportunities

  • SteppingStones in Morgantown, WV
  • Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
  • Washington Senior Center (deliver Meals on Wheels)
  • The Washington Food Bank
  • The Salvation Army
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